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Affiliate Owner


What is an Affiliate Rep and How Do They Benefit CrossFit?


Athena Perez Builds Course Aimed at Educating Coaches about Working with Larger Bodied Athletes


Can AI Help Gym Owners Determine if a Client is Thinking of Leaving?


Military Veteran, Former Affiliate Owner Starts Non-Profit to Help Refugees in Afghanistan and Ukraine

Grandfathering Rates “Detrimental,” Say Business Mentors, Gym Owners


Quebec CrossFit 819 Owner Still Pursuing Legal Action To Prevent Future Lockdowns Despite Gyms Reopening


Affiliate Owner Simon Darby Earns Prestigious MBE Award for Work With Youth Cancer Survivors

Minimal Holiday Rest Days for Many a Gym Owner

Note to Gym Owners: When it Comes to Accounting, “Don’t DIY”

Selling Your Gym? Why it Might Only be Worth the Value of Your Equipment

Do You Have a Client Retention Problem? And How to Calculate it

Your Gym Owner Might be Taking Home $200 a Month: Still Think Your Gym is Expensive?

Meet Five Gyms who Switched to One-on-One Fundamentals, Increased Client Retention and Revenue

Sales: Is it an Important Skill for the Coach?

Trending: How Owners are Developing Coaches Via In-House Internships


Opinion: Why Your Gym Owner Is Probably Struggling

When it Comes to Client to Coach Ratio, 12 to 1 is the Maximum

Raising Your Rates Part 1: Determining a Profitable Rate


An Economist’s Perspective: Long-Term Challenges Facing CrossFit’s Financial Growth (OPINION)

Affiliate Owners Reflect on 2020 and Set 2021 Goals

Without a Robust Client Assessment, You’re Missing the Mark, Expert Coaches Say


Doctor Turned Affiliate Owner Battles Chronic Disease From Her Garage


Affiliate Owner Needs Your Vote in Online Competition, Pledges to Pay Earnings Forward to Underserved Youth


Breaking: CrossFit Inc. Selling to Eric Roza, Affiliate Owner and Entrepreneur

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