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The mission of ‘Hickory Humanist Alliance’ is to defend the separation of government and religion, work for social justice, fight bigotry, encourage egalitarianism, educate the public about the importance of secular democracy, and encourage critical thinking.

HHA is dedicated to promoting the acceptance of ALL people within our community. Specifically ones currently persecuted for being different or not subscribing to the same doctrine as those around them.

HHA is a non-profit, educational/activist/social organization providing a community for non-theists in Catawba, and surrounding counties of North Carolina in order to:

• Foster an environment supporting free speech, separation of church-state, and equality.
• Promote free inquiry into the nature of the universe and of human societies.
• Encourage critical thinking on all aspects of human life.
• Explore ethical and intellectual alternatives to supernatural beliefs.
• Model humanistic ethics through service to the greater community.
• Provide a fellowship for people who share these purposes.

Who are the Humanist?
Humanism is defined as: a world view or life stance that focuses on the natural and human and rejects the supernatural. Humanism is positive, ethical and democratic. It is underpinned by a commitment to rational inquiry and the scientific method (HHA, 2014). Humanists believe that innate human compassion and ability can overcome life’s obstacles to accomplish great things without a need for a higher being to dictate behavior. They are communities like any other that strive for democratic change for the betterment and acceptance of all individuals equally. The Humanists promote science, thought, action, community, and recognition of the capacity of the human race to be the controllers of their world through open dialogue (G., 2014)

Humanism in history dates back to the 1920’s with the establishment of the American Humanist Association in 1941. The focus of the group was to promote secular and free thinking to benefit society for the evolution of mankind. Human behavior is based on action and interaction rather than the input or control of a religious being. The Humanists work towards a government free from religious bias and justice for all in a nonviolent society with understanding and compassion for everyone. Through community outreach the association hopes to encourage understanding and accomplishment by working together to support a public dialogue of critical thinking, free speech, and ethical behaviors. They believe that we are not guided by the rewards of an afterlife or adherence to a supernatural being, but rather seekers of knowledge that must answer to our own ethics, and shape our world with civil rights and liberties for everyone; “No deities will save us, we must save ourselves” (Humanist, 2014).

Are there misconceptions about Humanism and their focus?
Humanism is not the organized anti-christ movement. They do not focus on trying to destroy religion, they do not strive to erase the beliefs of others or seek to discredit personal religious views. They merely look to question life, to search for answers, to create a secular, non-theism based community that wants to evolve the world through human achievements. Humanists credit humans for the success and failure of the generations rather than a supernatural being. This being said, Humanists see the use and advancement of science as a means to improve understanding and conception and this sometimes creates conflict. Those that do not understand the focus of the group tend to create clashes of their own formations by ingraining their own insecurities and misconceptions on the community. This is the opposite of what Humanists stand for, they have no want or need to engage bigotry and stereotypes, but rather discuss and participate in discussion to promote critical thinking. They are not here to harm, they are here to learn and create.

It is impossible to know what awaits after this life, but there is a clear effort being made to make the life that we do know livable for all. Through continued efforts in politics, ethics, and leadership the Humanist movement hopes to create one world, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.



HHA is an official chapter of the American Humanist Association Logo_AHA 640x377

An Affiliate of the American Atheists


A proud member of the Secular Coalition for America/North Carolina


Members of the Charlotte Metro Coalition of Reason


A sponsor and supporter of Recovering from Religion-Metrolina Chapter

RfR Metrolina

And a supporting organization of the Freedom From Religion Foundation



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